outdoor living space

The summer season is supposed to be all about outdoor fun, but what do you do when it’s too hot to truly enjoy? While we hope that cooler temperatures are on their way [crosses fingers], why not enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your home no matter the season!? With these 5 key additions, you can create the ideal year-round outdoor living space!

Exterior Screen Shades

Exterior shades are an addition that will prove their value season after season. Time and time again, we receive feedback from our clients wishing they installed these sooner! 

Exterior screen shades are an excellent solution for controlling heat, glare, and bugs while maintaining your view of the outdoors. Blocking 98% of solar heat makes a major impact from an enjoyability standpoint while also reducing the energy output of your home’s HVAC unit. If you spend the summer months staring out your patio doors longingly but the heat keeps you inside — this is the best investment you can make!

Weather Proof Furniture

Patio furniture that holds moisture after a storm or is quick to rust doesn’t necessarily beckon to you on a breezy Sunday morning. If you find yourself avoiding your patio furniture on even the coolest of summer days, it’s time for an upgrade! 

Here’s a breakdown of the best outdoor furniture materials depending on where you live and how to protect each material throughout the seasons.

Outdoor Sound System

If you consider yourself a music enthusiast and the idea of simply walking outside and starting your playlist from your phone sounds like the perfect after-work routine — then a weather-resistant sound system is the way to go. This guide from Audio Advice outlines the best outdoor speakers depending on the size and coverage of your space. If you frequently entertain, this addition will be greatly appreciated by your guests!

Solar Lighting

Light up your deck or porch with solar lamps or string lights! This simple addition gives your space a cozy feel while also improving safety after hours. There are wireless and waterproof options to easily attach to the railing while solar string lights add ambiance to pergolas and don’t require access to an outlet.

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Heating Lamp or Fire Pit

While these items won’t get a ton of use during a Texas summer, they can definitely come in handy in the chillier months! If you have an uncovered space with a considerable amount of room, either an outdoor patio heater or a more traditional fire table are great additions. Just imagine your family gathered around, listening to music from your outdoor sound system, and drinking hot chocolate throughout the winter!

For those with a covered patio or one that is screened in with exterior solar shades, we love the idea of a pagoda fire pit — which protects the patio from flyaway embers and is easily portable.


Your outdoor living space is meant to be enjoyed — not avoided for four months out of the year! Consider adding exterior solar shades to make it instantly enjoyable and then investing in these additions over time to continue to improve on the space.