What is the most energy efficient product that I can put on my windows?

One of the most energy efficient products on the market is a honeycomb shade. The unique honeycomb construction aids in keeping heat in during cold winter months and hot air out during the Summer months.

I really want to preserve my view out of the back of my house, but I need protection from the sun. What is best solution?

In general if preserving a view and achieving the uncovered window look are the two goals to be achieved…the best window covering solution would be in the shade category. Shades provide the flexibility of giving direct sun/UV protection and provide privacy, however, they are able to lift up into a smaller space at the top of the window. This allows you to achieve both goals. Examples of coverings that would be in the shade category would be: honeycomb shades, sheer shadings, roller shades, roman shades and sliding panels.

However, if you want to enjoy the view from the back of the house but are not interested in the open window look…then a larger slat blind and/or shutter could be another approach. For example: a 4 ½” Clearview (rear tilt versus center tilt) shutter gives you almost 4 ½” of viewing space between each slat and there is no center tilt rod to conflict with the view. The more obstructions that we can be eliminate when preserving a view…the better. Things to consider that can be an obstruction or a distraction when trying to accentuate a view are blind and shade cords, cord cleats, shutter tilt rods and heavy panels of fabric.

I have arched windows throughout my house. I would like something that can be functional and at the same time will be custom fit to the arch. What would you suggest?

The best suggestion for this situation is a plantation shutter. A shutter can be custom fit to accentuate the arches in your windows, while giving you the flexibility of controlling the amount of light coming through the arch. There are other options, but many of them have limitations and in the end will not have the resale value that a plantation shutter will give you.

Do all of your products have child safe features?

The window covering industry is definitely making strides in accommodating families with the latest and greatest in window covering fashions, while maintaining a child’s safety. The main issue with child safety is in the cord operation of the blind or shade. If the cords self-retract, have a breakaway feature or there are no lift cords…then it is considered a child safe product. The lifting systems that have proven to be child safe are as follows:

  • UltraGlide – this is a lifting system exclusive to Hunter Douglas, the cord self retracts back to the original position, eliminated long cords.
  • Cordless – this system allows you to raise and lower the shade without a lift cord, thus eliminating potentially hazardous cords.
  • Motorized or Power shades – similar to the cordless shade, the cords are eliminated. However, these are operated either via remote control or a wall switch.
I am on a budget. What is the most economical solution to cover my windows?

In general the most economical solution will be found in the blind category. Most of the time a faux wood or wood blind will be less expensive than most other options. Other options in the shade category, such as honeycomb or cellular, roller, roman…will usually be more expensive than a blind depending on the type material and lifting system selected. However, just because you are on a budget, does not necessarily mean that blinds are the right solution for you. A lot of times, you can accommodate budgetary limitations while achieving the look and feel that you are looking for. Schedule an appointment with one of our experts and we’ll help you!

Can I put different window coverings in different parts of the house or do I have to be consistent and have the same product throughout the house?

Typically, it is preferred to keep all of the front-facing windows (facing the curb) consistent. It is best to use the same product or a very complementary product on the front of the home, creating a better curb appeal and will ultimate help on the resale of your home. Also, usually if you have an open floor plan, where one room is open to another room, it is best to either use the same product on the windows or products that are in a complementary product category. This will help the flow and the feel of the room and create a sense of the space being larger. Once you begin mixing non-complementary products in the same viewing space, the rooms feel smaller and have an inconsistent flow.

I am looking for the best investment on my windows, what is going to help the resale of my home the most?

The best return on your investment in the window covering world, is with out a doubt…plantation shutters. Shutters, especially in the Texas market, are very popular and are definitely considered a major upgrade to a home. Similar to granite counter tops, hardwood floors, custom patio, etc.