Arched Windows

In this blog series, we’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to choosing window treatments for a particular space in your home. While there is a range of styles and options for any room — we’ll highlight the best window treatments for arched windows based on their ability to solve the most common concerns.


window treatments for arched windows

Arched windows are one of the most common types of specialty windows found in one’s home and can create their own set of challenges when it comes to finding the right window treatment. Fortunately, Hunter Douglas offers a multitude of options to fit an arched window, with one of the most durable and classic treatments being Shutters. With the choice of stained or painted shutters, you are able to easily match them to the design and color scheme of the room. Depending on your preference, you can hide the tilt rod for a more modern look or choose a larger louver for a better view through the shutters. 

Hunter Douglas Duette® Honeycomb Shades

window treatments for arched windows

If you’re looking for a window solution that can fit your arched window as well as protect your home and furniture from the hot Texas sun, then look no further than the Hunter Douglas Duette® Honeycomb Shades. These shades have a revolutionary energy-efficient construction, allowing for optimal temperature regulation of your home. This window treatment also presents the option to raise and lower the shade versus other cellular shade arch treatments that remain stationary. The fabric of this particular shade runs horizontally in the arch to complement the other shades in your room, seamlessly tying the entire room together. 


window treatments for arched windows

For a more traditional window treatment on your arched window, we suggest wood or faux wood Blinds. Our blinds are available in a wide variety of colors and stains, providing you with a wide variety of beautiful hardwood or faux solutions to choose from. Blinds offer maximum light control when closed and beautiful light filtration when opened. They are the perfect treatment if you’re looking to incorporate more natural materials into the design of your home, and will be dependable for years to come!  


window treatments for arched windows

Are you looking for a window treatment solution that maximizes your view? Then consider installing Draperies above your arched windows! Properly fitted draperies make a space appear larger while granting complete control over incoming light and your view. Draperies are also a great solution if you want to explore layering window treatments. For example, they can be paired with the Hunter Douglas Duette® Honeycomb Shade mentioned above to add depth and style to a space. With thousands of patterns, colors, and textures to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect match for your home and décor.

Our design team would love to help you pick one of the best window treatments for arched windows based on your specific needs and preferences. Schedule a free virtual consultation with us today.