choosing window treatments

We all know that moving from one home to another is a lot of work and generally not something we look forward to. Fortunately, on the other side of moving is the opportunity to decorate your new home in a way that makes you look forward to spending time there! For those who are preparing to move, here are 4 things to keep in mind when choosing window treatments for your new home.

Address Window Treatment Function

Your first instinct might be to outfit windows throughout your home with the same style for a cohesive look that also happens to help with decision-making easy. While the final look is always a priority for our design team, we want to make sure that you consider the optimal lighting for each room before you make your selections. 

Because we’re located in Texas, our team makes a point to explain the role window treatments have in improving energy efficiency. For example, south-facing windows typically receive the most sunlight through the day, so we want to keep that in mind when choosing window treatments for your new home. However, if you are drawn to light and airy window treatments, these are best applied to north-facing windows.

Energy efficiency, room-darkening, privacy, view-through, and specialty window shapes are all going to impact your decision and will likely vary from room to room. Fortunately, it’s our job to address each and help you make the best selection for you! 

Consider Automation

If PowerView® Automation is on your radar, let us know! We like to discuss this early on in the process so that we can explain the benefits your family will enjoy on a day-to-day basis as well as the impact on resale value. 

Your budget may not allow for application across the whole home and that’s totally okay! Our team is happy to help you prioritize based on your home’s layout and your preferences. We often find that the bedroom is the priority for motorization. The ability to sync your window treatments to wake up naturally at a reasonable hour is a beautiful thing!

Discuss Design Preferences

When we’re working with a space that is currently empty, we make sure to ask questions about what type of furniture and decor you plan to bring into the home and how often you tend to switch things up. If you have plans to buy all new modern living room furniture, we want to know! We will give a homeowner that loves to update their space with the season’s different suggestions than someone who prefers a classic look that is unlikely to change over the next few years. 

If you’re working with a designer for your new home, feel free to let us know! We often work alongside Austin interior designers to provide window treatments that complete the space — ensuring the functional and beautiful! 

Trust Our Process

Scheduling that initial design consultation with us can seem like a big step, but please know that our team is here to serve you! We welcome any details you want to include upfront, but we don’t depend on them in order to get started. Our process includes getting to know you and your design preferences, followed by a trip out to your new home to see the space we’re working with. All window measurements are taken by our team to guarantee a perfect fit and beautiful look. 

If moving into a new home is your near future, give us a call at (512) 608-0302 or request a virtual design consultation here. We look forward to serving you!