clean window treatments

Each year, a number of articles are shared around this time to encourage homeowners to conduct a thorough spring cleaning. This typically involves storing winter clothes, swapping out seasonal decor and deep cleaning spaces that are otherwise ignored. This year is a bit different, as we find ourselves quarantined within our homes, unable to casually shop for new decor or take our donations to a local drop-off site.

Our homes are now our places of refuge and for those that find the act of tidying, organizing, and deep-cleaning to be therapeutic — then we have a project for you! On the other hand, if you feel overwhelmed by the state of the world, please do not feel pressured to carry out spring cleaning as usual… because things are not as usual.

At Austinatious, our team is currently offering virtual design consultations to those who are eager to update or add window coverings. We have always found transforming a space with window treatments to be rewarding and we love to see our customers’ reactions upon installation. If you’d like to discuss a spring refresh of the window treatments in your own home, schedule here. And if you’re happy with your current window coverings, but know they could use a little love, then keep reading for how to spring clean window treatments!

Please review this Care and Cleaning Guide for a list of all Hunter Douglas treatments and their approved care methods. Each Hunter Douglas product has specific care and cleaning instructions that can be found on the product page of the Hunter Douglas website under “Manual.”


Regular, light dusting maintains a like-new appearance of most blinds, shades, sheers, shutters and window panels. Avoid using magnetic cleaners such as a dusting mitt on light-dimming fabrics. This will damage the light-dimming backing.


Use the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner to gently clean draperies or shades in a vertical stroke. However, do not use a brush attachment or long vertical strokes to vacuum Luminette® Privacy Sheers as these actions will crease the fabric. Also, do not vacuum Architella® Elan® and Architella Elan Eclipse® fabrics.


Using a can of compressed air or a hairdryer on the cool setting, dust off selected window coverings.

Spot Cleaning

If you find there are stains on your window coverings, use a soft cloth or sponge moistened with lukewarm water to spot clean. If needed for a tougher stain, add a mild detergent. Make sure to blot gently rather than rub to avoid creasing or damaging the fabric.


A hand-held steamer can be used at 6” to 8” from the fabric to remove wrinkles and sanitize fabrics. Do not use a heavy-duty steamer.

Once you’d taken the proper steps to clean your window treatment, don’t forget to clean both the interior and exterior of your window and frame! This can have a major impact on the final look. Once finished, you can step back and enjoy your cleansed view!