Meet Amy Sanner, she’s one of our expert Design Consultants here at Austintatious. She has been with us for just 9 months, but has settled in beautifully and loves working with area homeowners to transform their space with window treatments. 

We asked Amy a few questions to help our customers to feel right at home in our showroom and supported by our friendly and knowledgeable team.


How long have you been working with Austintatious? 

I have been with Austintatious for about 9 months. Prior to finding this great team, I was managing complete remodels and designing for new and remodeled homes. Austintatious has been a wonderful company to work for. The professionalism, knowledge, and experience of our team are unsurpassed!

What is your attraction to interior design?

I truly was born with the passion and skillset for design. I am drawn to all aspects of interior design and have helped family, friends, and clients for many years with large and small scale projects. 

Transforming spaces that are more functional, updated, and pleasing is always appreciated by my customers and truly gratifying for me. The treatments we provide are not only beautiful and customized to each home, but are also highly valued due to their functionality. Providing “jewelry” for homes that are already beautiful is not only fun but needed, making my job highly rewarding.

What publications or Instagram accounts do you like to follow for design inspiration?

Adore, Decor, Pinterest, Houzz, Dribble

When you’re speaking with a new client, what are the first questions you ask?

I actually love getting to know new folks (and their pets). We always have a pleasant conversation about where WE are from (I find my customers want to know as much as about me as I do them), how long they have lived in Austin and what brought them here, and a little about their families.

After, I want to know what inspires them and what they love about their home. What do they not like, if anything? What are their specific needs/wants… do they need help with light control, privacy, maintaining a beautiful view? What is the change they want to see? This is all extremely helpful insight when deciding which products to present to my clients.

My goal is to simplify the decision-making process, as it can become overwhelming with all the wonderful products available. Knowing which products will function and aesthetically look the best for my customers’ home, is obviously my #1 priority.

When you first walk into a client’s home to assess a bare window, what do you look for?

I initially look outside the window. I want to know if the customer is going to want to maintain their view or cover it. I next look at window sizes… forward-thinking to what treatments will be the most streamlined. I look for light issues, privacy issues, or a need for something aesthetically pleasing.

  • How will certain products and textures flow throughout the home?
  • Will their new products look cohesive with existing treatments?
  • Do we have enough depth to install the products they would like?

What is your personal favorite window treatment and why?

Silhouettes… I love the modern, clean lines, the diffused light through beautiful sheers while maintaining daytime privacy as well as your view-through. I love the option for an even crisper view with the Clearview option. Complete privacy at night, while maintaining a beautiful window. And lastly, the option to have a completely open window if you’d like it to disappear altogether.

Do you have a favorite project that you’ve worked on recently?

Yes, a new home with mixed treatments. Everything form motorized drapery to motorized Vignettes and roller shades. I love all the natural fabrics we chose that add (but doesn’t distract) to her home’s beauty. The drapes were show-stopping, as well as the modern rolling Vignettes. The customer was pretty awesome as well!

I treat every home as if it were mine, and lead the customer to choose the very best option to suit their unique style and situation.

In your opinion, what is your favorite part of your job?

The versatility of every single home, customer, and needs of the two. Every home and customer is unique and presents a new challenge. I also love the nature of meeting new people, their pets, and being welcomed into their lives… trusting me to guide them with something that is very personal and important to them (and many times thinking outside their box). I love seeing the happiness and gratification our beautiful products bring to their lives and homes. 

If you’re in need of new window treatments, feel free to stop by our showroom or schedule a design consultation. Our design team would love to help outfit your home with the perfect window treatment!