Summer is the time to embrace the backyard! It’s time to break in your new grill, invest in some fun new pool toys and clean off the patio furniture! But as Texas homeowners, we also know it’s time to roll out the outdoor fans, stock up on sunscreen, and have bug spray at the ready.

At Austintatious Blinds and Shutters, we help homeowners improve their space by installing beautiful and functional window treatments. While most people come to us in search of drapes or shades for their interior — we also offer exterior window treatments. While exterior shades are beneficial year-round, they can be especially impactful during summer months.

Our exterior shades can be custom fit to most patio openings, as well as automated — giving you relief from the heat with the push of a button. With the ability to block up to 98% of solar heat rays from the outside, your inside will inherently stay cooler as well. This means your HVAC unit will not need to work nearly as hard during summer months and that you can expect to see a reduction in your energy bill!

There is also the option to create your own screened-in patio by mounting shades with a Zip-Rite Track! With a screened-in outdoor space, you get more shade during the heat of the day, enjoy increased privacy and optimal insect control. By opting for a bug screen — you get all of the benefits of an exterior shade with a revolutionary track that forces the fabric to be locked in at all times. This additional feature blocks more insects than a traditional exterior shade and makes it a great solution for expanding your indoor living space.

We’ve had the pleasure of outfitting homes across Austin with new exterior shades, allowing homeowners to utilize their outdoor space even in the heat of the summer. Offered in a wide variety of trim, fabric colors, 1-5% opacities, and custom-made for your space — the finished look blends seamlessly with the rest of your home’s exterior.

Don’t let summer heat or those pesky insects stop you from enjoying your outdoor space! Give us a call about outfitting your home with exterior shades in time for your next BBQ.