Automated Window Treatments

It’s when the sun rises at 6:30 AM and temperatures begin to hit triple-digits in the afternoon that we’re especially thankful for the wonder that is automated window treatments. The ability to automate your window treatments according to your lifestyle may not seem revolutionary, but once you experience the luxury of Hunter Douglas PowerView Automation® — you’ll never want to live without it!

Automated Window Treatments

Wake Up Naturally

It’s much preferred to wake up due to natural light than a blaring alarm, but not if that means that the whole family is up with the sun at 6:30 AM! With automated window treatments in each bedroom, your family can begin to stir naturally at the hour of your choosing.

Increase Energy Savings

After spending so much time at home during quarantine, you’re likely familiar with which rooms get unbearably hot each afternoon, causing you to avoid them entirely or depend on your A.C. to kick in and bring the temperature down. With automated window treatments, you can increase energy savings by having west-facing window treatments close in anticipation of full sun. Don’t worry, you can set to have them open just as the sun sets so that you don’t miss it!

Lighting for Your Lifestyle

The beauty of automated window treatments is that you can transform light according to your family’s habits and preferences. If movie night or a child’s bedtime is scheduled a bit before the 8:30 PM sunset, then you can quickly set the tone with a push of a button. The ability to control your window treatments directly from your phone can be especially beneficial when you’re traveling as well — making it seem as though someone is actually at home.

Control is in Your Hands

Whether Hunter Douglas PowerView Automation® is integrated with your smart-home systems such as Amazon Alexa, Siri® on your Apple device or the Google Assistant — you can create a whole home experience unique to your lifestyle right from your phone or through voice activation. During installation, our team will help you get set up and ensure you know how to fully utilize this system.

We’re Always Here For You

As a Hunter Douglas Authorized Service Center, we are always here for you should you have any questions about your Hunter Douglas products. We offer a suite of beautiful and energy-efficient window coverings that are available with PowerView Automation®. If you would like to discuss your options in greater detail and have questions about this technology, give us a call at (512)-608-0302 or reach out to schedule your design consultation.