window treatment repair

As the only Authorized Service Center (ASC) for Hunter Douglas product in the Austin area, we take our responsibility to help customers with window treatment repair very seriously.

For those that would like to troubleshoot the issue themselves, we’ve put together a guide to help answer the 4 most frequently asked questions regarding window treatment repair. Please know that you are always welcome to give us a call or submit a contact form about the trouble you’re experiencing.

1. My motorized shades are not responding to my remote, what’s up?

While the Hunter Douglas Motorized Shade is durable and simple to enjoy, we occasionally receive questions related to the unit not responding to the remote. There are a few quick fixes if you’re experiencing this particular issue. We’ll walk you how to handle each scenario.

The battery life for your remote should last about one year, so if more time has passed since changing them out — that’s our suggested first step!

If your remote is lighting up, but your shades aren’t responding… go to the source. Press the manual button on the headrail unit. If it responds at this point, we know that the remote and manual unit have disconnected. Here are direct steps on how to reconnect the devices.

In the case that your shades do not respond manually, get down to business with these steps.

  1. Switch battery wands with a working shade, there may be damage to the current wand.
    1. If the shade now works, please contact us to get a replacement battery wand.
  2. Unplug battery wand. Press the manual button for a few seconds, then plug the wand back in, then press and release the manual button.
    1. If the shade responds, no further action is needed.
    2. If shade does NOT respond, reset motor with a 6-sec reset. This will also reset the limits if your shade does not open/close completely.
      1. If you have a roller/roller screen shade, please click here for instructions or here for a video.
      2. For any other product, please click here for instructions or here for a video.
    3. If it still does not respond, try changing the batteries in the shade, then press the manual button. If it still does NOT respond, try 6-second reset again, after the battery change. When changing batteries, always gently slide the batteries, so the seals on the batteries don’t break.

2. My Motorized Shades aren’t raising or lowering all the way, what should I do?

In some cases, your battery is not the issue and the motor simply needs a reset. If the shade does not go down all the way or does not go all the way to the top, you may try a “6 Second Reset”. Press and hold the programming button located on the headrail for 6 seconds, or until the shade jogs once. After the shade has jogged, release the “Programming Button” immediately. Do not interrupt the shade while it is lowering and raising. It is resetting its limits.

Your shade should no raise and lower completely. If not, reach out to us!

3. How do I replace a broken cord loop?

After normal wear and tear, you may find that the cord loop on your shade is on the verge of breaking — or already has. While this is a simple fix, it does require that you have the correct part to replace it with.

This video provides step-by-step instructions on how to properly measure a cord loop. It requires that you first remove it from the shade if it hasn’t come out on its own. You’ll want to remove the bracket on the side where the cord loop is. From there, you’ll see the clutch. Carefully remove the loop from the clutch, keeping in mind that you will do this process in reverse once you receive your new loop.

If you’re working to repair a Hunter Douglas product, please contact us and we’ll place an order for a new loop for you! If you’re in need of a bead connector, we’re happy to have that mailed directly to you.


4. How do I operate the Hunter Douglas UltraGlide?

If you have the Hunter Douglas UltraGlide, here are some useful tips to know. When operating the UltraGlide, remember to keep the wand or cord close to the shade. As you installer should have demonstrated, a criss-cross or an opposite pull direction is optimal when lowering.

For example, if the cord/wand is on the right, pull the cord/wand to the left to lower the shade and if the cord/wand is on the left, you’ll want to pull the cord/wand to the right to lower the shade.


To raise the shade using a left or right cord/wand, pull directly down. To close to the shade, use a pumping action to allow the cord/wand to retract before pulling the cord/wand down again or attempting to raise.

If you find that the retractable cord or wand has broken, please give us a call at (512) 608-0302! We’re more than happy to assist.