As summer comes to an end and we hope for cooler weather, we have the opportunity to change up home decor! We have put together a few fun ideas to help transition your decor from summer to fall! 

Add Key Decor Pieces

You might have storage tubs dedicated to each holiday, but it can be easier to incorporate a few touches here and there that can easily be swapped out every few months. Fall is the time to incorporate deeper, rich hues. It is time to add in throw blankets and candles in scents like “pumpkin spice” and “apple cinnamon.”

Identify a few key pieces that are straightforward to store and mix in when fall comes knocking. 

5 key pieces:

orange cat on cozy bed

Include Natural Details

Another way to embrace the fall vibes is by introducing natural details into your space. Pumpkins are a classic fall staple – consider a fun DIY project making one out of rope! HGTV shared how to make rope pumpkin centerpieces. Other ways to incorporate natural elements into your home are with fall staples such as gourds, apples, acorns, leaves, or branches. From creating a dining room table display to decorating your entryway, there are a multitude of subtle ways to introduce nature into your space to give it that cozy, fall feeling! For a great flower option that can fit both summer and fall, we recommend sunflowers.


warmly lit pumpkin

Add Warm Lighting 

A great way to transition to fall is to add warm lighting to your space to give it a cozy feel. That means it is time to switch out your scents from those summer tropical scents to richer and earthier scents such as pumpkin spice or pine tree scents. Another way to add warmth to a space and preemptively get out winter decor is to incorporate twinkle lights into a smaller accent spot to cozy up a space in your home.

cozy fall twinkle lights

At the end of the day, interior design is meant to be a fun activity — not stressful or overly expensive. The only requirement is that your decor choices bring more joy, happiness, and calm to your household. We hope this gave you a few ideas to help transition your decor from summer to fall! Follow along as we share more design ideas on our social media channels and blog! And as always, our team is here to help if you’re ready to dive into the world of window treatments!