If you have a motorized shade that is not responding, here are a few helpful tips. Most issues can be resolved with a motor reset or changing the batteries. Here is a link to the Hunter Douglas motorization support page with additional resources.


POWERVIEW GUIDE ONLINE: Here is the link to the online Powerview guide with videos, step by step instructions, and a table of contents that is searchable by topic or keyword.


  1. If your remote is not lighting up, then try changing the remote batteries (2-CR2032): Remote Battery Instructions here.


  1. If your shade does NOT respond to the remote, press the manual button on the headrail. (If you are unsure where to locate the manual button, click here). If you have a Hub, check the battery level on the “Shades” menu, and recalibrate it using the “Show Advanced Options.”

a. If the shade responds to the manual button but does NOT respond to the remote, it may have lost the programming to the remote. Click hereto reprogram your remote.


  1. If the shade does NOT respond to pressing the manual button, follow these steps:
    1. Switch battery wands with a working shade- there may be damaged to the current wand.
      1. If the shade now works, please contact us to get a replacement battery wand.
    2. Unplug battery wand. Press the manual button for a few seconds, then plug the wand back in, then press and release the manual button.
      1. If the shade responds, no further action is needed.
      2. If shade does NOT respond, reset motor with a 6-second reset. This will also reset the limits if your shade does not open/close completely.
        1. If you have a roller/roller screen shade, please click here for instructions or here for a video
        2. For any other product, please click here for instructions or here for a video.
      3. If it still does NOT respond, try changing the batteries in the shade, then press manual button. If it still does NOT respond, try 6-second reset again, after the battery change. When changing batteries, always gently slide the batteries, so the seals on the batteries don’t break.