You love the back of your home, and don’t want to cover your windows but still need the protection from the sun.

So if preserving a view and achieving the uncovered window look are the two goals you are aiming to achieve…the best window covering solution would be in the shade category.  Shades provide the flexibility of giving direct sun/UV protection and privacy. Plus shades are able to lift up into a smaller space at the top of the window. This allows you to achieve both goals. 

Here’s a good starting point for you to check out some shades.

If you are good with not having the open window look, and still want your view, then a larger slat blind and/or shutter could be another approach. For example: a 4 ½” Clearview (rear tilt versus center tilt) shutter gives you almost 4 ½” of viewing space between each slat and there is no center tilt rod to conflict with the view. The more obstructions that we can eliminate when preserving a view…the better. Things to consider that can be an obstruction or a distraction when trying to accentuate a view are blind and shade cords, cord cleats, shutter tilt rods and heavy panels of fabric.