Window Treatments For A New Home

While moving to a new home can be a tedious process, it can also be a fun and creative one! With a new move, you’re given the opportunity to decorate your home in a way that fits your personality and needs. For those of you who are buying window treatments for a new home, here are 4 things to consider!


To start, you’ll want to consider what style of window treatments you want throughout your home. Do you prefer a more traditional style such as draperies or roman shades or do you prefer more modern window treatments like roller shades or window panels? Will you choose one or two styles of treatments for the whole house or will you vary it based on the room? Once you’ve decided the general styles you want to go with, it’ll help you narrow down your options, and then you can consider other factors such as light control, color, and functionality!

Light Control

When choosing window treatments for a new home, you’ll want to consider the amount of natural light you want to be allowed in each room. It’s common to want more natural light filtered into sitting areas such as a living room while wanting complete privacy for bedrooms. When choosing your window treatments, you’ll have the option of different opacities and whether you want light filtering and room darkening coverings. With light filtering, you are able to choose between an assortment of opacities that allow in varying amounts of light, while with room darkening you are given the option of more privacy and less visibility from the outside, but also less light coming through during the day. For a full breakdown of the different window treatment opacity options, read this useful guide from Hunter Douglas!


The color of window treatments is a huge decision when buying window treatments for your new home. Do you want to go with a classic neutral color that can match all styles, or do you prefer a bold statement color in a room like your bathroom? When working with one of our experienced design consultants here at Austintatious, they will walk you through all of your options and give recommendations based on the style and colors already present in your home.


Another factor to consider when choosing your new window treatments is the functionality you need. How big is the window? Can it fit top-down bottom-up window treatments? Functionality can be hard to plan for if you don’t have a base knowledge on different window treatment options, but don’t fret! A design consultant will help explain all of your options to you and give you suggestions based on your window’s shapes, sizes, and location in your home.

If moving into a new home is in your near future and you’ll need window treatments, schedule a free virtual design consultation with us. We look forward to serving you!