2021 Home Trends

Our choice in home decor reflects our personal taste, from the window treatments we pick to the shades we paint our walls, a home is a representation of our personality! Here at Austintatious Blinds and Shutters, we’re continuously researching what’s new in the industry and what trends are expected to be up and coming in the next year and beyond. Based on our research, these are 2021 home trends we predict will be popular.

Bright Spaces

2021 Home Trends

With people spending more and more time at home during the day, one of the top upcoming home trends for 2021 is creating light and bright spaces to evoke positivity and joy. From adding pops of color throughout your home to using semi-sheer curtains to let natural light in, we encourage you to brighten up your space with light in whatever way you like. One way people create a particularly serene space is by making their homes feel like an ocean oasis – from soft blues to natural elements and loads of light, your home will feel like a vacation destination!

Natural Elements

A trend that’s held strong throughout time is incorporating natural elements such as woods, earth tones, and plants into your home. The popularity of this trend has steadily risen over the past few years, with statement walls of exposed brick and shelves dedicated to greenery and houseplants becoming more and more common.

Another part of this trend we’re seeing is the use of natural wood treatments throughout your home, such as real hardwood shutters or woven wood shades. Last but certainly not least, rattan and cane are booming in popularity throughout peoples homes, making what used to be seen as an older style, the new vintage find of the day!

Upgraded Home Office

2021 Home Trends

A huge focus in home design we’re seeing for this upcoming year is an elevated and upgraded home office set up. With the sudden hit of the pandemic last March, millions of people found themselves having to work from home without a suitable setup to do so. Whether it’s carving out a space that was previously used for something else or completely flipping an extra room into a sleek, suite-style office – the home office is a much bigger priority this year than in past years.

Smarter Technology

With technology advancing year after year, there is a continued emphasis on making your home smarter. With so much smart technology out there, there are endless possibilities for upgrading your home with tech like smart thermostats, automated window treatments, robot vacuum cleaners, wireless speakers, and much more!

Rich Hues

While neutrals are always a safe palette to fall back on, color experts predict the re-emergence of deep and rich tones. From a classic dark navy blue to Sherwin Williams “Urbane Bronze” and Behr’s “Kalahari Sunset”, homeowners are spicing up their space with moody hues in the best of ways. Some great examples of ways to embrace these rich shades in your space include a statement wall, a deep velvet loveseat, or colorful window treatments!

Whether you’re intentionally following the trends or just going with what fits your personal taste, we have countless window treatment options to fit any style. If you’re in the market for new window treatments, we’d love to help – schedule a design consultation today.