2023 Home Design Trends

Your choice in home decor and design reflects your personal taste, from the window treatments you pick to the color you paint your walls and the furniture. A home is a representation of your personality! Here at Austintatious Blinds and Shutters, we’re continuously researching what’s new in the industry and what trends we will see. After a bit of research, these are the 2023 home design trends we are excited to see. 

Nature themes

Bringing the outdoors into our living spaces is a popular home decor and design theme. As we try to regain our connection with the natural world incorporating statement pieces such as live edge wood tables or shelves dedicated to greenery and houseplants will help promote a sense of calm in your home. A great way to incorporate this aspect is by using natural window treatments, such as genuine hardwood shutters or woven wood shades made of light-filtering reeds, grasses, and wood.

Moody Spaces

Gothic aesthetics is a trend to get excited about if you are a fan of moody living rooms and dark tones. You might see more black walls and decor to create that vibe. Pairing deep greens and purples with textures and even pairing furniture, window treatments, and fabrics with your gothic wall color will create dramatic vibes. Gothic design’s dramatics can add luxury and elegance to your space. 

Coffee, please! 

“Designer” coffee at home has been a trend building steam for a while now. With so many people working from home, dedicated coffee bars are popping up in home offices and even the bedroom. Why not add a space dedicated to this beautiful beverage? 


With sustainability and longevity on our minds, sturdy kitchen wares and statement pieces will become popular. Sturdy mugs and plates crafted for long-term use will help promote sustainability, and the hand-crafted aspects of ceramics give each piece a unique look and texture that make each item special.  

Whether you like to follow the trends or go with what fits your taste, we have countless window treatment options to fit any style. If you’re in the market for new window treatments, we’d love to help – schedule a design consultation today.