patio shades

Now that the weather is slowly cooling off you might find yourself wanting to spend more time in your backyard. At Austintatious Blinds and Shutters, we help homeowners improve their space by installing beautiful and functional window treatments. While most people come to us in search of drapes or shades for the interior of their home — we also offer outdoor patio shades. Exterior shades are beneficial year-round, not just impactful during the summer months.

Exterior screen shades for your outdoor patio are an excellent solution for not only controlling heat during the summer months but also glare and bugs while maintaining your view of the outdoors. These shades can be customized to fit most patio openings and can be operated manually or motorized on a cable or track-guided system. This can make them easily integrate with a home automation system or simply operate with the touch of a button.

Bugs never seem to go away in Texas, so the addition of a Zip-Rite track (or “zipper track”) can allow more bug control. Typical exterior screen shade opacities range between 1 and 5%–which can block between 95-99% of UV Rays–with lighter fabrics providing less view-through than darker fabrics. When mounted to your exterior windows, screen shades offer your home UV protection that can ultimately protect your flooring and furniture from getting sun-bleached.

In addition to UV protection, the extensive opacity range can help you to achieve ideal light in your home. If you’re wanting more privacy in your backyard opt for a darker opacity and lighter if you are looking to let more light in. 

With a wide range of color options and opacities, your design consultant will help review your specific application for outdoor patio shades and make suggestions on which solution will work best for your needs. If you have questions about our exterior screen shades or any of our other window treatment options, please don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more or schedule a consultation with one of our design consultants. 

Our in-home consultation is free of charge and one of our experienced consultants will meet you at your home or business to brainstorm window treatment options with you and ensure you find the perfect solutions for your needs and décor. For an initial complimentary design consultation, you can fill out the form here.