benefits of installing custom drapes

The words draperies and curtains can send you back to the 1950s. But just like in the 90s, drapes are back in style. One of the benefits of installing custom drapes is that they can match any style you want to achieve in a room. Custom drapes have major benefits, and these are just a few! 


What Are the Benefits of Installing Custom Drapes?


Elevate Your Style 

Drapes are the perfect way to put the finishing touches on a room. Custom window drapery allows you to use textiles and fabrics to tie in the elements of a room. Trending prints can be subtle and add personality to your room without taking the attention away from other design elements. If your space is beautiful and comfortable, your mood in that room will be too! 


Increased Energy Efficiency

When those Austin triple digits hit, you will be grateful for an extra layer to keep the heat out. During hot days closing, your custom drapes can block out sunlight and prevent the room from heating up. Two draperies hung together will create a tighter air space than just one drapery. One advantage is that the room-side drapery will maintain around the same temperature as the interior space, adding to a room’s comfort.


Quality and Options

Custom window shapes can make picking out window treatments difficult. Custom draperies from Austintatious are tailored to fit your windows. Draperies from a chain or big box store offer fewer options than custom drapes. These often lack quality, privacy, and energy efficiency. Your color, size, and design options will also be limited compared to what you can find in the Austintatious showroom. 


Custom Drapes are Versatile 

When working with a design consultant to pick out the perfect drapes, we will show you just how versatile drapes can be. Simply changing the height of your draperies will create longer lines and visually heighten your room. Layering your custom window drapery with blinds or shades can make your space luxurious. Using a neutral fabric for the blinds and pairing it with a decorative pattern adds depth to your room, creating a cozy but trendy look.  


These are just the benefits of installing custom drapes, and at Austintatious, the possibilities are endless when it comes to custom window drapery options! Our team of design consultants is here to assist you in selecting the perfect color scheme and will review your specific needs to suggest the best solutions for you. 


If you have any questions about our drapery and textiles or other window treatment options, we encourage you to contact us for more information. Additionally, you can schedule a free design consultation, and we’ll send an experienced consultant to your home or business to brainstorm window treatment ideas with you!