In this blog series, we’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to choosing window treatments for a particular space in your home. While there is a range of styles and options for any room — we’ll highlight the best window treatments for bathrooms based on its ability to solve the most common concerns. 


best window treatments for bathrooms

Unless you’re the only home for miles, surrounded by foliage — it’s likely you want a bit of privacy in your bathroom. When selecting the best window treatments for bathrooms, we look at the window type, its position and the amount of natural light it provides. The goal is a private space, not one devoid of light or ambiance. 

The Hunter Douglas Vignette® Modern Roman Shade is one of the best window treatment options for bathrooms because of its top-down/bottom-up design. You are able to enjoy a private space without sacrificing natural light and can choose from a wealth of colors and fabrics. The full-fold style of the Vignette also has a unique way of softening a space and making it more inviting.


If the window you’re looking to outfit is particularly close to the shower or bathtub, then durability becomes a deciding factor. While homeowners often love the classic look of shutters — wood can be a poor decision when positioning in a place where moisture and heat are in play. For that reason, we suggest faux wood shutters! These window treatments are also perfect for specialty shapes such as arches or rakes.

The material of our Faux Wood Shutters are guaranteed to never warp, crack, fade, chip, peel, or discolor — making them one of the best window treatments for bathrooms.


best window treatments for bathrooms

The window treatment you choose for your bathroom can be a focal point of the space. Create a space that is both unique and incredibly relaxing by utilizing the Hunter Douglas Designer Banded Shades. With an array of colors, textures, band heights, and even geometric styles to choose from — dressing a window has never been so fun!

Our design team is happy to educate you on the best window treatments for bathrooms and help you make a decision based on your specific needs, style, and budget. Schedule your free design consultation today.