how to style window treatments

If you’ve recently moved into a new home and are faced with bare windows, we have 3 tips on how to style window treatments to ensure a perfect fit and great look from the start! 

What are your lighting needs?

When choosing a style of window treatment for a particular space, our team starts by asking a few key questions. 

  • What room are you looking to outfit?
  • Which direction do your windows face?
  • How is the natural lighting throughout the day without window treatments?

how to style window treatments

While adding treatments that allow for light-blocking makes sense in the bedroom, an office or living room does not necessarily have the same needs. On our website, homeowners are able to search and sort products according to concern – including child/pet safety, privacy, and energy efficiency.

Once the main purpose of the window treatment has been discussed, we can move on to how to ensure it fits in the space and ties the room together beautifully.

What type of window do you have?

Windows come in nearly all shapes and sizes, and there are some window treatments that play well with certain types, whereas others are best avoided for optimal functionality. We recently shared a blog post that addressed how to outfit 3 of the window types that are often referred to as “awkward” – the arch window, bay window, and patio/french doors. 

For windows that are especially large, we’ll look for opportunities to cover the space without making it feel heavy. The benefit of opting for custom window treatments is that size is not a guessing game. An ill-fitting treatment can be quite the eyesore AND difficult to operate. Our installation team takes measurements to guarantee the perfect fit, no guessing involved.

how to style window treatments

What is your design style?

If your home has yet to be furnished or you’re in the middle of a re-design, we suggest pulling photos of what you hope the finished project will look like. At Austintatious, we have styles for every taste – traditional, modern, minimal – you name it. Beyond the window treatment type, details such as color, texture, and hardware can have a huge impact on the finished look.

how to style window treatments

Whether you’re deciding between the stain of your shutters or the pattern of your new drapes, color plays an important role in achieving your desired look. If you have neutral furniture and decor, a pop of color could help the space feel more lively. If you’re looking to add warmth and contrast to white walls, then walnut shutters would be a great option. Or perhaps you’d like your home to feel organic and natural? The Provenance Woven Wood Shades were designed for exactly that purpose!

Our team is here to walk you to help you understand your options and ensure the final product functions and looks exactly how you want it to! Give us a call today to schedule your free design consultation.