awkward window

Every home has that awkward window — one that you avoid outfitting because you’re not quite sure what the best solution is. That’s where we come in! Our design team has seen it all and has recommendations for any awkward window, including the arch, bay window or patio doors!

Solutions for Arch Windows 

awkward window

Arch windows describe the half-moon shape at the top that transitions to a more standard rectangular window at the bottom. They can be difficult to outfit because shades and blinds have a headrail that will not fit within an arch window. 

Our suggested solutions depend on the placement and size of the arch window, and whether it is above a larger standard window or a door frame. For arched windows above door frames, shutters are our go-to! We can customize the fit, material and stain to blend seamlessly with the wood trim or use it as an opportunity to make a statement with the color selection! 

For arched windows that sit above a standard window, long drapes can call attention to the high ceilings and frame the space, while still giving light control over the set of windows. 

Solutions for Bay Windows

For Bay Windows, we love the look of either Hunter Douglas Designer Roller Shades or the Design Studio Roman Shades. Both styles are available in Hunter Douglas Alustra® Woven Textures, which have beautiful detail that is best appreciated while cozying up in the bay with a good book! 

For an added touch, install flowing drapes that allow you to close off the space to create a private nook! We have a wealth of fabrics to choose from, and can even customize the bench upholstery or throw pillows to match the color or design! 

Solutions for Doors

awkward window

French, patio and sliding glass doors can all present somewhat of a challenge for homeowners who want light control and privacy, while also wanting to easily access and use the door. Because of this, our options are both beautiful and functional! 

The Luminette Privacy Sheers are ideal for wide expanses, such as sliding glass doors. The end result is a treatment that allows varying levels of light and privacy with a tilting feature to give you the best of both worlds!

Looking for a french/patio door solution beyond framing drapes?

In the past, we have treated a large interior patio or french door application from the opposite side of the home. Instead of treating it on the interior — we apply an Exterior Screen Shade to the patio, which can give UV and heat control to the interior side of the home.  Furthermore, when we have a french door application, a shade that falls close to the door or has a low profile headrail tends to be the most popular — like the Designer Roller Shades or the tiered Vignette Modern Roman Shades for example.

Have an awkward window that we didn’t cover? Send us a photo via Facebook or Instagram and we’ll be sure to provide you with some options!