five things to consider when buying drapes 

If you are considering updating your window treatments and adding style to your home to give it a polished feel, consider using textiles. Coordinating fabrics from drapery to bedding, pillows, or even upholstery can tie the room together and make it look complete. With thousands of patterns, colors, and textures available, you’re sure to find the perfect draperies for your home. Here are five things to consider when buying drapes. 

Drapes are Customizable

Drapery is a great way to customize your home while giving it a finished, polished feel. Draperies work with almost any window shape, but they’re especially great for arched windows, bay windows, patio doors, and oversized windows. Drapes are a versatile option for your home. 

Choose Your Light Levels

When choosing window treatments for your home, you should consider how much natural light you want to enter a room. Drapery can range from sheer to blackout levels that don’t allow light into a room. 

Clean and Care for Drapes

Depending on the fabric and textiles used to create your custom drapes will determine if they are machine washable or dry clean only. This is important to consider when meeting with your design consultant and picking out fabrics. 

Add Layers to Your Windows

Consider combining curtains with other window treatments to add some flair to your windows. One option is to layer a sheer drape underneath a heavier one. You can shut both drapes for maximum privacy or open the heavier one while keeping the sheers closed to let some natural light into the room. 

Alternatively, you may opt to pair drapes with blinds or shades. Mount the blinds or shades inside the window frame to prevent them from getting in the way of the curtain panels. This way, you can dress up your windows while adding a touch of elegance to your home.

Increased Energy Efficiency

During hot days in Austin, you may appreciate the benefits of having an extra layer to shield you from the scorching heat. Custom drapes can serve this purpose by effectively blocking out sunlight and preventing the room from heating up. A tighter air space can be created by hanging two draperies together, further improving the insulation. 

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