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How to shop for window treatments

From our last blog post, we introduced our selves, and told you about our process.  Let’s dig a little deeper and give you the 101 Shopping for Window Treatments with Austintatious Blinds and Shutters.

Either when you come to us or we come to you, this is how it will go down:

  1. What ya got?  Some treatments are better for some window shapes than others.  We like to start with that sometimes, so we can rule out the non-contenders right away. 
  2. Where are we placing these treatments?  Same as #1, some products are better suited for certain areas/rooms than others based on their performance and characteristics. 
  3. What purpose does it serve? This is important too because we will need to know what kind of solutions we need to consider.
  4. Determine your needs.  What’s important to you?  Do you need a Room Darkening, or a certain lifting system?  All of these factors come into play when picking the perfect window treatment.
  5. This is a hard one but understanding where you want to be at Budget wise is super helpful.  We don’t want to ever show you something that may not work for your wallet.