Let’s talk design and window treatments for a second.  There are a few things to consider during this thought process.  

I’ll start with this point: Misconception, you do not have to have the same treatment throughout your home.  The fun part is a little mix and match.  We can treat each room differently.  We can do, say a Vignette® in your master bedroom and shutters in your guestroom.  We can help you pick which product style is best for your room’s windows and your needs.  

To extend on that a little when it comes to the big picture, think curb appeal.  Sometimes it’s preferred to keep all of the front-facing windows (facing the curb) consistent.  In cases where curb appeal is a concern, it’s best to use the same product or a very complementary product on the front of the home, in turn killin’ it at curb appeal – at least with your window treatments.  Doing this will also ultimately help on the resale of your home. 

Also, usually if you have an open floor plan, where one room is open to another room, we recommend to either use the same product on the windows or products that are in a similar product category. This will help the flow effortless between one room to another, while creating a sense of a larger space. Once you begin mixing non-complementary products in the same viewing space, the rooms feel smaller and have an inconsistent flow.

Also fun fact – we can also make you custom drapery panels or roman shades.  These can be functional, adding privacy or having light control, or stationary, meaning staying place. 

Drapery is great to add some dimension, layers, extra textures, colors or prints to a space.  We have so many textile options to pick from to work with your décor.