Going with the PowerView® motorized option means you make your day more beautiful and a little easier with the daily grind of life.

At the push of button or speaking to your smart device (like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant), you can control your shades.  Use an app, or the pebble remote as the main controller to program your shades to open or close whenever you want. 

Your PowerView® app can move your shades throughout the day for you by setting your own personal room scenes.  One touch moves your shades to the perfect position.  

Set your room scene to raise to wake you or close when it’s time for bed.  You can schedule all of your shades to open and close at the same time! Even schedule ‘em to open at sunset and close at sunrise.  So many possibilities.  

Not home? No problem. You can use the remote connect to still gain access to operating your windows.

No electric running to your windows? No problem, battery operated is still a thing.  Don’t worry you won’t see the batteries, they are hidden from sight inside the headrail.

A huge pro with PowerView® – no cords!  No cords means 100% child and pet safety.  That’s a win win to me!

So did I answer your question?