spring cleaning checklist

It’s almost officially spring! That means it is time to start spring cleaning. There are many benefits to deep cleaning every spring, from purifying your air to cleaning out hidden dirt and dust from the nooks and crannies of your home. If you haven’t done a deep clean since last spring, it’s easy to imagine how much more dirt and dust has collected over the year. Keep reading to see the items on our spring cleaning checklist. 

Purify Your Air

Spring cleaning is a great time to check and replace your air filters. Many allergens can lower your air quality, which includes but are not limited to: dust, dirt, pollen, mold, lint, hair, animal fur, and bacteria. While we recommend checking your filters every 30 days, we also suggest basing when they need to be changed off of the accumulation of dirt, not a specified time. If they seem dirty every 30 days, don’t wait to change them monthly – check them as frequently, especially if you have pets in your home. Another option for improving the air quality in your home is to invest in an air purification system

Clean Your Window Treatments and Windows

Windows and window treatments can often be easy to overlook while cleaning. We suggest a regular, light dusting of your window treatments to maintain them; if you’re doing a deep spring cleaning, you can also vacuum, spot clean, or steam them based on the window treatment. To learn more about how to clean your window treatments, read our extensive article. If you’re looking to replace your current heavy window treatments with lighter spring curtains, don’t hesitate to schedule a virtual consultation with us.

Once you’ve cleaned your window treatments, we recommend pulling them out of the way and focusing on your windows. Give your windows a thorough top-to-bottom cleaning on the interior and exterior to get the grime and dirt off them so you can enjoy the sunshine through your windows all spring!

Dust All Surfaces

Another important aspect of spring cleaning is to dust all the surfaces of your home. While you should focus on every surface, focus on hard-to-reach or easily forgettable areas such as ceiling fans, above cabinets, and the easily missed corners of your countertops. It’s a good idea to work from top to bottom, starting with the hard-to-reach areas like above your cabinets and ceiling fans and then moving on to countertops and furniture. Remember to clean underneath your furniture as well!

Clean the walls

An often overlooked element of spring cleaning is your walls. Give your painted walls new life, free from greasy fingerprints and stains, by wiping them with a damp microfiber cloth or mop. It is good practice to start at the top of the wall and work your way down. This is a good time to wipe your door frames and baseboards too. You can also use disinfectant to eliminate germs if you have tiled walls. If you have wallpaper, be sure to check the cleaning instructions. 

Check Safety Features and Light Bulbs

Your home’s safety features, such as your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, are crucial to check and update when spring cleaning. You’ll want to ensure that your batteries still work and change out any dead ones. Another safety item to check is the expiration date on the fire extinguisher. It’s easy to let that date pass when you aren’t using it, and you want to avoid ending up left with a malfunctioning fire extinguisher that no longer works when you need it most. Lastly, you’ll want to note any lighting in your home that has burned out, noting the size and quantity of light bulbs you need, and then go to the store to replace them!

Your home will be much more relaxing and easy to enjoy when you’ve completed this spring cleaning checklist; it’s time to enjoy your new home this spring! If you’re looking for lighter spring window coverings – schedule a free consultation with us today. Happy cleaning!