If you’ve found your way to this blog, chances are you need some help with your manual shade/blind. Some of the most common issues we get called for are easy fixes you can do with just a few instructions.

For parts, always refer to the brand of your treatment, to ensure they’ll fit. If you don’t know the brand, please see our earlier blog on “Identifying the Manufacturer”

  •   Broken Bead Chain: A broken bead chain can very easily be fixed by connecting the broken ends together with a piece called a bead connector. After ensuring the bead chain is run through the cord tensioner, simply place each broken end of the shade into the bead connection and close it!


  •   Broken Tassel: Sometimes, a tassel may break, or pull off the cord. All that needs to be done here is cut the existing knot, slide the tassel back on, and tie a new knot (or two… or three!) at the bottom of the cord, or to the desired length of cord.


 **You may also see the same thing happen with the breakaway tassel on a blind, in which case, just make sure the cords that run through are equal, so that the blind raises together, rather than like a fan