Custom Window Treatments

You may be asking yourself – are custom window treatments worth the investment? The short answer, yes. But to go a step further, we’ve gathered the top reasons that custom treatments are worth it and why.

Ideal Fit

To start, when you decide to go with custom window treatments, you are ensuring that the fit and dimensions are exact – seamlessly blending your treatments with the rest of your existing furniture and decor. The risk of going with a store-bought window solution is that while the dimensions may seem right, once you go to install them you may find that you actually needed an inch or two more here or there to get the right fit. This can leave you with a window solution that doesn’t look polished and ends up costing you even more to fix. When you buy custom window treatments from us at Austintatious, our designers take exact dimensions from each window, so that a custom-fit is ensured every time.

Expert Advice

If you’re looking for guidance on what type of treatment goes best for the style of your home or a specific shape of window, then the expert advice you receive with custom window treatments is more than worth the investment. Our seasoned designers have years of experience bringing beauty and functionality to the windows of our customers. If you’re unsure about where to start, don’t be! We offer free virtual or in-person consultations.


One of the biggest benefits of choosing to go with custom window treatments over a store-bought solution is the ability to match the fabric, pattern, or color of your treatments to other pieces in your house. With thousands of different fabrics and colors to choose from, we promise you’ll find the perfect treatment for your home! We can even help you take it a step further by custom matching your window coverings with pillows or furniture to tie the whole room together. Another perk of custom window treatments is that they are a great solution for specialty window shapes like bay or arched windows, which may be harder to find coverings for online or in a department store.

Energy Savings

Last but definitely not least, one of the many reasons custom window treatments are worth the investment is the potential energy savings. We offer a multitude of window covering options that come in a range of opacities with a superior design that traps air in distinct pockets to help block out the harsh Texas sun, and in turn, lowering your utility bill and protecting your furniture.

There are a number of benefits when it comes to investing in custom window treatments from expert advice to energy savings and more! If you’re in the market for a fully tailored experience, please don’t hesitate to schedule a free consultation with us today.