Layer Your Window Treatments

With so many window treatments to choose from, how can you be expected to choose just one? From draperies to shades to shutters, layering your window treatments adds personality to your space, allows for complete light control, and increases overall energy efficiency. We’ve shared three easy-to-follow steps on how to layer your window treatments!

Pick a Base Treatment

Layer Your Window Treatments

Layer Your Window Treatments

To start, you’ll want to pick your base window treatment. Ask yourself – do you want the finished product to come across as formal or casual? If you’re looking for a more traditional window treatment, we suggest going with a base treatment like Hunter Douglas Duette® Honeycomb Shades or Plantation Shutters.

For a more casual look, a great choice could be our Hunter Douglas Silhouette® Shades or our Hunter Douglas Provenance® Woven Wood Shades, because they bring a natural element to the space. Not sure what style you’re going for yet? Hunter Douglas Sonnette® Cellular Roller Shades are an excellent versatile option that can be dressed up or down based on what top treatment you choose.

What are some of the best base treatments for specialty windows? If you’re looking to outfit an arched window, a durable and classic treatment choice is shutters. For a clean, yet soft style treatment for your bay window, we recommend Hunter Douglas Vignette® Modern Roman Shades.

Choose a Top Treatment

Layer Your Window Treatments

The next step to layering your window treatments is to choose your top treatment. There are endless options here – from luxurious velvet draperies to flowy sheer curtains. Thicker draperies in fabrics such as velvet or chenille can help make your space more formal, while sheer fabrics will help lighten up your space. If you decide to go with a solid base window treatment, a fun way to add a pop of color to the space is by choosing a patterned treatment to layer on top! You could also use our custom fabrics as a way to further tie in a specific color or pattern used elsewhere in the home.

Hang the Window Treatments

Once you’ve picked your base and layered treatment, it’s time to hang the window treatments together. If you’re looking for a polished look, we suggest floor-length window treatments. If your goal is to make your space feel larger, hang the top window treatment higher than the window frame – this gives the illusion that the window is bigger which in turn makes the whole room feel larger. At Austintatious, our design and installation teams work together simultaneously to ensure that both the window treatments selected and the final positioning of the treatments are functional and design-forward!

The Benefits of Layered Window Treatments

Layering your window treatments adds depth to your space while allowing you the versatility to mix and match options – showing off every facet of your style. An added financial benefit of layered treatments is the extra insulation two treatments give your home in the winter, as well as the ability to swap out your top treatments based on the season.

There are endless ways to layer your window treatments, and we’re confident you’ll find the right combo to match your space and style! If you’re ready to dive into the fun that is layering your window treatments, our team is here to help.