solar shades

Are you trying to decide if solar shades are the right choice for you? There are a multitude of benefits to solar shades from light control to lower energy consumption and much more! At Austintatious, it’s our goal to help you seamlessly blend your window treatments with the rest of your home decor – and make sure you know the added benefits of them too. These are the top benefits of solar shades!

UV Protection and Energy Efficiency

Solar shades offer your home UV protection that can ultimately protect your flooring and furniture from lightning and getting sun bleached. On top of protecting your furnishings, they are also a highly energy-efficient window treatment option allowing you to lower your energy consumption which results in lower energy bills. Not to mention they’re great if you’re trying to control the glare coming into the room, such as a home office that needs optimal lighting throughout the day.

Light Control and Privacy

In addition to glare control, solar shades have an extensive array of light-filtering and room-darkening options, helping you to achieve ideal light in your home. If you want to allow a lot of light in and aren’t necessarily worried about privacy, then a more sheer fabric could be a good fit for you. If the windows you’re trying to cover are in a high visibility place in your home and you want added privacy, then room-darkening or black out shades may be the right choice. Room darkening and black out shades are popular for bedrooms because of their added level of privacy and comfort.

Extensive Fabric and Color Options

One of the biggest benefits of solar shades is the hundreds of fabric and color options to choose from. With a wide range of textures and styles going from elegant silks to plush velvets, there is sure to be the perfect fit for everyone. Even better, you can take it one step further with a multitude of decorative options to add some extra flare or complete your vision for the space. With the option of motorized or manual operation, the sky really is the limit on how customized you want your solar shades to be.

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