transition seasonal decor

While we aren’t completely free of the heat here in Central Texas, it’s slowly starting to trend towards cooler temperatures. With the cooler weather rolling in, it’s time to think about how to transition your decor from summer to fall. From storing away seasonal items to switching out your fabrics, here are 4 ways to transition your decor with the changing of the seasons!

Store Away Seasonal Items

Before jumping into buying and decorating with fall accents, the first step is to store away any unmistakable summer decor items that may be floating around the house or on display. If you’re used to changing your decor each season, you probably already know what to pack away for fall but if this is your first time changing your seasonal decor then we recommend storing away anything that distinctly makes you think of summer such as bright colors or light fabrics such as your summer throws or curtains.

Introduce Natural Elements

Once you’ve stored away your summer items, an easy and fun way to embody fall is by introducing natural elements into your space. A classic fall staple is a wreath – consider a fun DIY project making one with pine cones or greenery! If you don’t enjoy a DIY project, Elle Decor shares 35 stylish natural wreath options for purchase.

Other ways to incorporate natural elements into your home is with fall staples such as pumpkins, gourds, apples, acorns, leaves or branches. From creating a dining room table display to decorating your entryway, there are a multitude of subtle ways to introduce nature into your space to give it that cozy, fall feeling! For a great flower option that can fit both summer and fall, we recommend sunflowers.

Switch Out Your Fabrics

Another easy way to transition seasonal decor is by switching out your fabrics from lighter, summer fabrics to thicker and cozier fall textiles. Simple ways to do this include swapping out lighter throws for your warm, chunky knit throw blankets. We recommend warm fall colors including deep reds, oranges and mustard yellows! On top of that, you can switch out your accent pillows, bedding and curtains. We suggest trading your light summer window treatments for a heavier fall treatment such as draperies or a layered window treatment to add texture and depth to the space. Here’s an in-depth guide into how best to layer your window treatments!

Add Warm Lighting

Last but definitely not least, a great way to transition to fall is to add warm lighting to your space to give it a cozy feel as the temperatures start to get colder. We recommend switching out your scents from more fruity, tropical scents to richer and earthier scents such as a pumpkin spice or a pine tree smell. Another way to add warmth to a space and preemptively get out winter decor is to incorporate Christmas lights into a smaller accent spot or cozier space in your home such as decorating a houseplant or adding Christmas lights to your porch for a more homey feeling this fall.

Changing out your decor should be a fun activity not a stressful one! So focus on what decor brings you joy and happiness and incorporate those items into your home. We hope this helps guide you to the perfect fall space, and as always, our team is here to help if you’re ready to dive into the world of window treatments!