smart shade powerview automation with surface remote

Smart home technology is here to stay and hopefully make your life easier and more efficient. Hunter Douglas PowerView Automation does just that. When considering what smart home technology is right for you, there are a few things you need to know about smart shades. 

Why choose smart shades?

Convenience: You can easily control smart shades with the press of a button or with your mobile device. Powerview Automation even allows you to control your shades hands-free through integration with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Assistant. 

Privacy: You can schedule your shades to automatically close whenever you like. As it is getting dark outside, your shades can be set to close automatically. 

Energy Efficiency: If you are looking to save money on your electric bill, your smart shades can be set to close during peak heat hours or even when it is cold outside to help keep the heat in. Depending on the season, you can schedule your smart shade to help out your HVAC. 

Security: Just like setting automatic timers for your lights, your smart shades with PowerView Automation can be set to a schedule to give your home a lived-in look while you are away on vacation. 

Safety: Powerview Automation window treatments lack cords and are safer for pets and children. 

smart shades with remote powerview automation

How can a smart shade schedule help me?

Are you tired of your alarm clock? You can swap that alarm for a gentle wake-up by scheduling your shades to open in the morning. In fact, with smart shades in your whole house, you can wake up to all your window treatments open and enjoy the view while eating breakfast. Do you get super busy in the evenings and need to remember to close your shades? This could be a privacy and security risk. With smart shades, your house can automatically be closed up for the evening. 

What are the scenes in the PowerView App?

With Powerview Automation, you can set a scene. Scenes are a predetermined shade level that you create in the app for any given room. If it is movie night, you can create a scene called “Movie Night” and have the app automatically close all the shades in your movie room. Scenes can also have schedules so that it occurs at a set date and time every day. 

How are smart shades powered?

Hunter Douglas motorized shades can be powered in multiple ways. There are options for battery-powered or plug-in power supplies. If you are building a new house, you can even have the shades hard-wired into your home. Contact us as soon as possible to get the specifics for hard-wiring your home.

These are just a few things you need to know about smart shades. If you want to add smart shades to your home, we are here to help! At Austintatious Blinds and Shutters, we strive to work with you to create a space you look forward to coming home to at the end of a long day.